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our mission

E-Mobility is the promise of a more sustainable and efficient way of transportation, and e-Bikes have already established themselves in our daily lives to deliver on that promise.

At Mothor we are driven to fully unlock the potential of e-Bike batteries, in order to enable an even more sustainable future, by making sure they get a long circular life.
A modular battery system, designed to have its elements stay in circulation for as long as possible, making life easier for the manufacturer while drastically reducing its impact on the environment. Convenient access to the different components ensures easy repairability and separation of defectives components. This gives the opportunity to greatly increase the lifespan of the battery and to properly dispose of it when it comes to it. With even more unique features on their way, the Mothor Battery pack promises to bring more options to user, manufacturer, repairman and recycler.


Don't stop me now!

How would it feel to be able to drive your e-bike, e-scooter or any other electric vehicle wherever you want to go, without having to worry about long charging breaks?

A vehicle is supposed to be driven, isn't it? Not to be chained up for hours at a charging station. With MoThor, you decide how long your breaks are.


Chi va piano va sano, e va lontano

"For a long and healthy life, do things slowly".
This Italian proverb also applies to batteries, particularly in regard of charging. Fast charging can significantly shorten your battery's lifespan, yet long charging breaks are not always an option. There doesn't seem to be a way out of this dilemma, but we have the perfect solution, where you can re-fill your battery as quickly and safely as refilling a water bottle. And no, we won't just offer you a removable battery.


let's build a sustainable future

While electric vehicles have a lower impact on the environment during their productive lifetime compared to their petrol- and diesel fuelled counterparts, their product life is not as harmless. As of now, electric waste has become a major issue, due to the increasing production of electric vehicles. Tons of battery packs are thrown away and recycling them isn't an easy process.

By making our batteries part of a circular economy, and by designing them from the beginning so that they can be easily repaired and recycled, we want to reduce our batteries' impact on the environment, while making them cheaper for you.

How can we solve this?

we are fully devoted to fulfil those goals and bring e-mobility and circular economy closer together


The battery is the main feature in electric vehicles, as it  determines how long you can travel on a single charge and how much additional weight you carry with you on each trip. Our unique idea does not rely in building a new battery but rather in developing a new system for the battery to be placed into the vehicle. Our final goal is to give customers a brand new, yet familiar tank-fuelling-experience, for we firmly believe that by providing people with an alternative, efficient and time-saving charging system we can take a big step into the future of sustainable mobility.

Charging stations

In addition to this efficient battery system, we're also aiming to develop a new concept of charging stations that will not only allow customers to swap their empty batteries for full ones but will also be able to charge all electric vehicles the common way. By building both ways of charging we're making the transition into electric mobility easier than it was before. Our main goal is providing people with both alternatives, although of course, those who ought for a battery swapping system will have an advantage, namely because they'll be able to get full batteries way faster.

Our partners

We are looking for strong partners from industry and research to support us on our way.

Our first project

In order to fulfill this ambitious goal we need to take a first step

The Electric bike

The revolution of electric mobility has come to stay; many argue that this is the transportation of the future due to the efficiency and lack of emissions. When talking about e-bikes in Germany, we have seen that more people are keen on this kind of bikes instead of cars, mainly because of the price, but also because it's a faster conveyance in the city. With the current situation restricting many people from enjoying vacationing outside of Germany, they've decided to use their bikes as an alternative. This makes the whole experience really enjoyable, of course, when talking about driving for less than  50 km.
Most e-bikes are being sold at around 2000€ and go up to 6000€. Of course, for that price, you would expect them to have a long lasting battery, but the reality is that the biggest range you can expect is rarely higher than 100 km. This is surely more than enough if you are planning on driving to work every day, but as we've seen a shift into a home-office lifestyle mostly due to the pandemic, they are being used for more than just everyday use.

One of the main problems with the battery is that its lifespan depends on many factors, but the most influential ones are the ambient and storage temperature and that most e-bikes don't have a cooling system for the battery. This leads to a higher temperature change, which damages the battery and significantly shortens its lifespan.
With our battery system, we are providing users with batteries that are charged under ideal conditions and while also having a cooling system, in this way they can be properly charged and used. This fulfills the idea of batteries being used as efficiently as possible and also extending the lifespan.

the romantic road

It really looks like something out of a dream, doesn't it?
To successfully implement our system, we decided to place the first charging stations in a heavily visited road. This romantic road is one, if not the most, famous road for tourists in Germany. With its 460 kilometers, the Romantic Road stretches across the two biggest states in Germany, namely Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. It begins in the city of Würzburg and ends in Füssen, with one of the last stops at the famous castle of Neuschwanstein, one of the most beautiful 19th-century built castles in Europe.
By implementing our charging stations along the road, we will offer tourists the unique experience of enjoying the beauty of this road, without the pain of having to anxiously plan stops to charge their batteries.

every bike enthusiast

You can probably tell by the last two posts who the perfect customer for our project will be. But with this system, we're also aiming to make e-bikes cheaper for the average person, so that more people are able to afford them and resist buying a car, which is ultimately better for the environment.
This way more people can access a bigger charging infrastructure and discover new places with their loved ones.

Our Team

Join us in this visionary trip

My name is Sebastian Fernández, I'm a Chemical Engineering student and the current CFO and responsible for the development of this website and all the social media accounts. Although this wasn't in my degree description, I'm taking care of building the Business Model at the moment, so I'm always learning about every kind of topic. I'd love to have someone on board that's willing to take on challenges no matter how big they look at first.

My name is Theo Seiler, and as a mechanical engineering student, I love to improve things. I came up with an idea on how to improve the charging process on electric vehicles, told my friend Sebastian about it and we decided to share our idea with the world in the form of a start-up. As CEO and CTO, I am dedicated to turn our idea into an amazing product and to create a great business out of that product. I would like to build a team of creative and tenacious engineers and business people – contact us if you want to be part of it!

And this could be you. Right now, we are looking for motivated students that want to help us build the current version of our prototype because we are aware that we are going to need to build different prototypes until we find one that proves our concept.
So if you're a mechanical, electric, or industrial engineering student and are looking for a project to work on, get in touch with us.